Instuctions to Authors

The International Advanced Research Journal of Sciences to publish original research articles of
high quality in all areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Geology,
Statistics and other related subjects and its applications. Manuscripts written in English from the members
of the Academy (In case of joint authorship, each auther should be a member of the Academy) should be
sent in duplicate to Dr. ASHWANI KUMAR SINHA, Managing Editor, Dean’s Tank, Paschhim Tola,
ARA, Bihar-802301, (Bihar) India e-mail :, Mob-09430035039, 09279009206.
The paper must be type written, double spaced, on one side only, with references listed in the alphabetical
order in the Authors are advised to retain a copy of the paper sent for publication. To meet the partial
cost of Publication the author will be charged a page-charge of 300/- (U.S. $ 25) per printed page,
payable in advance, after the acceptance of the article. Auther, (the first in the case of Joint paper) are
entitled to 5 reprints free of charge. Price of complete volume of the Journal is 600/- in India and U.S. $
100. Outside India. Single copy (current) is priced 300/- in India and U.S. $ 50. Outside India. The
subscription payable in advance should be sent to the secretary, Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sinha
International Advanced Research Journal of Sciences , Dean’s Tanj, Paschhim Tola, Ara-802301, Bihar, India
by Bank-Draft, crossed cheque, M.O. only Postal orders are not accepted.

# Each member (Life or Annual) will get a copy of the journal free of cost.
# The paper must be submitted before 31st March and 30th September every year for their inclusion for
publication in June and December Numbers of the Journal respectively.
# The diagrams/maps should be submitted in original in India block along with one photo copy. Also
tables should be typed separately and placed in manuscript.
# Paper will be send Two Hard copy with C.D or Pen Drive. Typing Font Times New Roman Letter
Size 15 point.
# All judicial matters will be applicable at ARA (Bihar) Jurisdiction only.
# Reference in the text should be cited by number in sequare brackets references at the end of the paper
should be given in the following manner.

(i) Yosida, K. : Fractional Analysis, 2nd edition springer – verlag, New York, 1968.
(ii) James, D.A. : Jp of sound and vib; 196(2), 203 (1969).
(iii) Wells A.F. : Structural In organic chemistry, 3rd edition, Oxford, 357 (1962).
(iv) Bayd, C.E. 1970 : Vascular aquatic plants for mineral removal from polluted waters.

Eco. Bot. -24(I).

Subscription Rates

Annual: 300/- , Life : 3000/

Annual: 300/- , Life : 2000/

Foreign Countries
Annual: US Dollars 100.00 , Life : US Dollars 300.00

Note: Kindly send the manuscripts directly to Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sinha, Secretary,
Advanced Reserach Sciences,Dean’sTank Paschhim Tola,Arrah-802301, Bihar, India,
(e-mail:, Mob.+919430035039), 09279009206.

(Vol. 11, June, 30, 2013)
Price : Rs. 300/- (Individual)
Rs. 400/- (Libraries)